The Oligochaeta is composed of the mostly aquatic microdriles and the mostly terrestrial megadriles, better known as earthworms. This diverse group (around 5000 described species) is one of the most ecologically important in their respective habitats.

The main goal of the International Oligochaeta Taxonomy Meeting (IOTM) is to  bring together experts in the field to exchange advances and to identify the current gaps in the knowledge of these important but poorly known animals, and to stimulate synergies, collaboration and the exchange of ideas. 

The main focus of these meetings is oligochaete taxonomy and phylogeny, but other aspects of their biology are integrated as well such as ecology, faunistics, phylogeography and evolutionary biology. 

The 9th International Oligochaete Taxonomy Meeting will carry on the tradition of previous meetings and will take place in San Lorenzo del Escorial in Spain, from Monday to Friday December 11th to 15th, 2023

It will include scientific sessions to present and discuss the results of your own research, as well as a taxonomy workshop with experts in the different oligochaete families. A guided visit to the Royal Monastery of San Lorenzo del Escorial will allow the participants to know the iconic architectural jewel of Spanish Siglo de Oro (XVII century).